South of the wall

Found him!!!  Clearly we were too slow in Scotland.   Found Alex chasing up some rolling English hills.  Refueled then the battle commenced with the hills and wind and rain and crazy steep cobbled street in Alston.   Hard battle over the top of the moors with a side wind that persistently threatened to unseat Alex but years of bike handing practise paid off - though it was hairy at points!   Then you add to the equation a suicidal sheep trying to run under his wheel, it's impressive that he is still pedalling and smiling.

Quick feedstop in Middleton in teesdale (where we found a handy WiFi spot) then motoring on again!

Thanks for all the generous donations that have come on so far - they really are boosting Alex's morale!

If you want to send any messages of support for us (team car) to relay please send them in!!

Mrs Stav.


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