Post ride skinfold, VO2 and lactate testing.

As a brief update from this week.

As this project is coming to completion, the follow up activities are looking at how much I have change physically over the time period.  With pre-ride development, training and testing looking at how I improved through October to pre-ride, the current work looks at what has happened post ride.

Last night this involved repeating the skinfold, VO2 and lactate tests.  Lynsey will be crunching the data, but the initial results show.......

I've put on weight.  Slightly ashamed on this and I can see why those who've done IM's and events like this have put on weight after the event.  I can't say the rate of mass gain but its a couple of kg.   Pre-ride I increased from my May low mass point of around 65.5 kg to 67.5 kg.  Last night I was over 69 kg due to my week off and trying to pull back into a more sensible eating pattern - if I commute but don't train, my calorific burn per week will drop by at least 2,000 calories per week to 15,000 calories compared to when I was doing my peak training distances.  This is going to take a lot of awareness and will power to re-balance and break habits I've formed over the past months.

The skinfold data will take some working out, but the being drawn on has been fun over the past year.  Anna's get semi-used to seeing my come home with markings on me.

My max power output has increased.  Pre-ride, my Wmax was around 296W, last night it looks like it's over the 300W mark - will need confirmation.  Not a power house value but I was never about the sprint power, more the continual turnover rate.

Lactate profile has shifted to the right.  I don't want to miss represent this, but the raw data last night looked like a shift to the right.  Clarification to come. 

What next?  As this data is good for showing where my thresholds are and how I've physically change will will be very good for Lysnsey's work.  As I will have physically change, I will have also metabolically change therefore we'll look at repeating the 3 hour test to see if my efficiency has changed.


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