About: Test Subject 1

I've had this website as a record of stupidity and as a way of communicating in my own words and thoughts.   The concept of the site was to go to my interests, write about what's motivating me and what challenges I'm doing, and make a personal record of what I've done or where I've been.  Facebook is a bun fight of attention, PR, adverts and manipulation: Twitter is 140 characters; Tumblr has too much angst.......... my site is where I have a space.

The concept of Test Subject 1 is simple

Be a test subject
Be a sample size of one
See what can be done

I blogged as just me in the first few posts, before developing the Eds-Lon project idea.   This lead to the idea of donating my body to be a test subject for sport scientists and looking for a new name/home.   This lead to the idea of "Test Subject 1" as a label in a lab, a study object and a reason to experiment.  From this, the domain was bought and the blog hosted late 2015.

Since then, there have been a number of highlights.

Loughborough Uni carbohydrate study

Working with Loughborough University as a test subject for carbohydrate loading tests.

Loughborough University coaching study

Working with Lynsey as part of her coaching accreditation and qualifications.

Project Eds-Lon

One ride, start in Edinburgh, ride straight to London, none-stop.  Charitable support to QMC Neuroscience Research Group..

Project LEL

Audax UK 4-yearly ultra-Audax from London to Edinbrugh and back.

And now.....

[to be announced.......]

In between the challenges, there have been blog post relating to training rides, nutrition, bits of family life, opinions, thoughts and everyday life. 


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