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PWR2k In progress Q&A's plus links

Here's a page that I hope answers some questions that'll be going through your head. First question:  "What is he doing??" Target 1 - Attempt to break the indoor world distance record using Zwift Target 2 - Ride past 2,000km on Zwift in single ride. Second question:  "What the fuck is he doing??" Yeah, he's doing that.    A few conditions to make sure that this is a world record attempt for single distance and not multiple activities:  no sleep or minimal sleep, keep eating, keep drinking, don't restart, keep internet connection open and keep streaming on camera whole time to show no cheating.  Pretty basic, but going to be hard. "What's the current record?" Current record is 1828km, set by Jasmijn Muller in 2017.   The ZwiftInsider interview  with Jamijn can be found here "I'm watching him, I can see comments, but not much interaction.  What gives, socials not answering?" Endurance riding is a head space game as much as a

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