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The 1,000km Zwift ride.

So I did it.  It's been a bit of time and I still haven't had the chance to really have a look at what I did. It's been a couple of weeks due to Easter holidays, rebuilding a room and general life, but on Good Friday 2021, I logged into Zwift and did my single 1,000km ride, no sleep.  I was in the garage for around 36 hours with 32 hrs cycling.  The gap was the farting about bits, waiting for the microwave to go ping and filling up water bottles and stuff but total distance was 1,003km.   Job done! Like I put in the original brief blog post a while ago, it's a pretty stupid easy thing to do.  So here's what happened. Starting and setting up. Unlike a number of other events, because this one was mine I could organise it as I liked.   So I kept it basic.   On the Thursday which was a work day, I was working from home (thanks Covid) which meant I could eat.   A lot.   The week before had been an easy cycling week with only the Wednesday night Flock ride to stress me. 

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