Rest weekend, or was it cross training?

As a quick update, last week (and weekend) hurried past.  The hype around the event is still building, the training is still going well, weather watching has become a habit and training/not over training/not training enough plays on my mind.  So in brief:

Wednesday night ride

After the long ride down to London with headwinds, last week started with a bit of relaxed riding to and from work.  My legs recovered well and quickly, so as the usual Wednesday night session came round, I decided to let the mind wander and the legs follow.  I used the heavy Genesis (still kitted out with Caradice saddle bag, work clothes, dinner boxes and other stuff) and wondered out across Six-Hills, rode into the rain and dark towards Newark and some of the hills North East of Notts before coming back past the kebab houses on the run in back to the city.  I had a rough aim for time and my performance wasn't bad, particularly on the heavier bike, but it was just nice to ride.  The challenge may be hard and pushing me mentally & physically, but I'm still passionate about just being a cyclist - this ride make me glad to be on two wheels.

I was off work on Friday (see below) so Thursday was a relax ride.  I wondered home trying to keep my heart rate in double or low triple digits in the evening sun.

On another training/cycling note:  Weather predicting.

A no-wheels weekend

As kids had an inset day, it was a bank holiday weekend and I think all of us needed a well deserved rest, the Stav family headed out camping.  One of the best things about cycling is seeing different areas and regions, so we headed out to the Howardain Hills which the LEL course runs through.  

  • Met up with Chris and Em
  • A lot of laughing, jokes, jibes and fun.
  • Slept in hike tents (kids now with their own)
  • Ate off BBQ's for most major meals
  • Had fish and chips from the visiting Fish&Chips van
  • Had BBQ Turkish coffee (best way to cook it!)
  • Rebecca had late night hot-chocolates in the tent when she couldn't sleep
  • We explored Castle Howard house, grounds and gardens
  • chased around the adventure playgrounds
  • walked everywhere we could
  • played with bow and arrows
  • ate ice cream
  • saw big motor bikes, biplanes, road trains
  • rolled and ran around on estate lawns
  • Had human bouldering
  • Shoulders rides and piggy-backs
  • visited York by bendy-bus
  • went to the National Railway Museum
Finally, we had exhausted kids in the car on the drive back to Notts.

A fantastic weekend!


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