Future planning and a director sportif

For some things, I'm very intelligent - I have letters that say it and my reputation through work appears to support it.  In other ways, I'm awful at remembering basic things.  Personal organisation isn't always one of my strong points as its symptomatic of my dyslexia.  I managed to loose my own passport in my own pocket last week.  So for this, I'm trying to be organised.

Mrs Stav in contrast is very good at lists.

Photo credit: Emma Johns.

For training, this is going to involve a lot of time ramping up miles as the year progresses.  With family and commitments, I don't have the luxury of being able to ride at will so I've penciled in dates where I have freedom to start building km's in a constructive way that'll lead to the performance I need to develop.  In truth, some of the early season rides will be more of a battle with the elements and will than anything else.  As the weather improves, this will get easier and I'll find myself back towards last years peak form hopefully mid-Spring time.  BUT I fully confess that there are some distances that'll come closer to July the 9th that scare the shit out of me - both mentally and physically.

This is where last nights a roll of lining paper, coloured pens, de-caf coffee and various laptops, tablets and phones came in.  Over the course of a couple of hours, myself and Mrs Stav sketched out all the logistical questions, costs, training dates, equipment needs, favours, considerations and ideas that go into this project.  This gives us an idea of what we'll need to spend when and where and gives us an idea of when problems may arise.  It also gave me a chance to discuss ideas and concerns - contact lenses for 24 hours??  How much fluid can we put in the car??  Who'll sleep when in the support car and how do we cover driver insurance??  London congestion charges or would a tube be easier??  After having these ideas ticking over in the back of my mind for the last few months, it feels like a step forward in the project seeing it on paper.

So for the future and going forwards;
  • I now have dates I can start pinning rides to.  This'll be details I'll discuss with Lynsey now that the carbohydrate study is under way for the next month.  To maximise these dates, I can work with Lynsey to get a better focus and look at how to maintain form week to week between the longer distance rides and how to supplement.
  • We have a greater idea of the costs we'll need to cover or where we'll need favours/support
  • Mrs Stav will effectively be my Director Sportif and help organise the logistical side of things and help manage the support car during the event.
  • My family (brother and his girlfriend) are willing to help support on the day - we can start to think about hotel accommodation, the support car, support part logistics, food etc that'll be going on around me.
Mrs Stav, Director Sportif - better looking than David Brailsford.
(Note:  I'm pre-shaven. For my 33rd year only, I had a beard)


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