Brief update: 25th April

Quick review of last week.  It wasn't good.

The Good.

  • I got to ride on my Blue Steel British bike on quintessential English roads on St. Georges day through market towns.
  • New equipment ordered!
  • Twitter you tease me with thoughts of 24hr TT's.  You flatter me.
  • Carpal tunnel has nearly gone!
  • Ermmm.....

The Bad

  • I've worn out the freehub on my Fulcrum's which canned my Wednesday night plans with a limp home
  • I had to swap to the Blue Steel for Saturday which scrapped the long North bound ride I had planned and wanted to do.
  • I didn't get to ride the Battle Bike 'up north.
  • Saturday's ride (although nice) was too slow, too short and I had discomfort on the bike.
  • Spot.  That place.  Wince.

The Ugly.

  • Bit pissed off with the Saturday ride.


Last week wasn't a good week.  Training just didn't go to plan.  Although I'm in a good form and doing well, I didn't have a training week like what I wanted to have.  This is more internal, self-reflective disappointment in performance and the medical problems still haven't been resolved fully than anything else.  I've tried to stay positive, it's Monday, a new week and I can do better.

A couple tech glitches are being resolved which is good.  The thought of an attempt at the 24hr TT champs........ 


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