Brief update: 14/4

As I tack into my dinner box, some info from this week.

In brief:

  • The morning afterglow
  • Recovery and illness?
  • Testing time!

The morning afterglow

Over 440km ridden, a few hours sleep and Sunday was Paris-Roubaix.  This is probably one of my highlight sporting events of the year and what a race!  (To those who don't cycle, it's a bit like the FA cup but in a series of cups, if that make sense....)  Shame Fabo didn't figure more, but what a finish.  I wanted a Boonen-Cancellara sprint on the velodrome with Sagan and Eddy-Bo mixing it up but never mind, a good race.  For me, Sunday legs didn't feel bad, I ate well and rested.  Took the kids for a walk....strange how even with  my longest ride, I felt far from destroyed.

Thank you to those who liked the Facebook link and gave me kudos on Strava.

Recovery and illness?

This mixed/blended a bit.  For the last couple of weeks I've had a mystery illness - high fevers at night, but then perfectly fine during the day.  Rule of thumb:  if it's been more than 14 days, go to the GP.  So I took the opportunity to go to the local practice.  As I had a little free time before my appointment, I dropped in at the LBS (Cycle Garage) for the dynamo wheel to be checked (near perfect!) and catch up and find out about other local cyclist.  Martin Cox is a Trans-Am and Trans-Conti ride who's in the area with a similar mindset.  He wasn't there, but his wheel were - worth checking out his blog if inclined.  Forced into the car, probably wasn't a bad thing.  By Tuesday morning, I was glad to be clipping in, but I missed my Battle Bike - we've bonded more.

At the docs, they no idea what's wrong with me but they took bloods and with my veins, no problem getting plenty of samples.

Testing time!

Wednesday night I was back in the labs at Loughborogh Uni with Lynsey for VO2 and lactate testing.  There will be more data to digest later, but the highlights are worth flagging up.  In short and compared to the December values:

  • My heart rate zones have reduced compared to my power out put.
  • My VO2 is still elevated, but number crunching required to confirm
  • My lactate threshold has increased to a higher power threshold
  • My ability to buffer lactate has increased allowing me to push a higher consistent power out put for longer.

The data produced in beautiful.  From this we can look at my energy expenditure at intensities to determine my in-ride replenishment needs on exertion and time period basis - how much will the support car have to throw out the window at me per hour to maintain a set pace.

From Wednesday night discussion with Lynsey, things are looking good.  My physical form has improved massively since December and mentally I'm in a good place.  Training is well on track and the incremental improvements are coming along nicely.  The buffer built in with the last four weeks will allow me to do some recovery before going up again in intensity and distance but all is looking very good and according to plan.  I've plotted my course for the night section to London and with improving season weather, improvement in physical form etc, I'm very optimistic.  Ride on!


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