+437 km.

Over 440km done.  For those who prefer imperial, over 275 miles.  That is over two hundred and seventy five miles.  Or more as a psychological jump, over 400 km and by a good margin and 300 miles within touching distance.

As I had ridden up to Yorkshire and Mrs Stav had her bike on the roof of the car, the obvious thing to do is to ride home - just with a few added miles.

I used the route I've been practicing on, modified for the Howardain Hills and then looping back home south of Spalding.  For the data:

Couple of quick things to note:

  • Ignore the "2nd fastest times" on the data image - these were all PB's but due to the way I had to manage the .gpx files, they appears as "2nd" to a file I deleted.  
  • Garmin 510's quit at around 16 hours
  • Dynamo hub/light - just awesome.
  • 25mm tyres are far better than higher pressure 23mm's, why did I ever used to ride on them???
  • Storms near Spalding late at night aren't fun.
  • It hurts to pee some times.
  • Finishing at 3am is hard but I think I could have kept going.  The 200 mile marker didn't phase me on this course and food was managed far better.
  • I cycled 275 miles!!!

The bike after the battle.

I did more cycling last week, but I wanted to get this up now and quick so I'll add more info when I have a chance.


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