Small joys ;-)

Sometimes, just swapping bike is enough to make you smile.

Today I was on to do a test ride for the dynamo wheel, do a 30 - 50 mile low intensity ride keep the legs fresh, so after planning extra carriage yesterday, today I'm on the Blue Steel bike.

The frame may be nearly as old as me, it's not the lightest or most high tech, but my god it feels good to be riding it.  Best way to think of it is like driving a slightly updated classic sports car with the top down.  The frame is from the early 80's, BioPace chain rings from the mid-80's, 3TTT stem from the 90's, Ultegra rear mech from '98 ish, a right 105 STI from around 2000 and the front wheel built last week by the Cycle Garage.  In my eye, the straight lugged frame and straight tapered threaded forks looks so much more classy than the current forms of plastic that may be technically far more superior but never look "classic."

Locking it up at work, I walked into the office with a smile.

(On the downside, a technical error appears to be my new wheel is overpowering the light - it overheats too quickly and cuts out.  This is likely to be because I'm using a cheaper spare LED conversion and averaging 20 mph.  A s result tonight's ride is binned (damn it) and I'll be on the turbo instead.  Shame, as this bike makes me smile).


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