HIIT data analysis.

I'm not a sports science graduate, so there may be mistakes in analysis.  I've done this in morning breaks and while eating my dinner based on period selections in Strava rather then Golden Cheetah - for some reason, big corporates arn't keen on having GC installed on their work PC's so there will be some interval time period selection error.  My values may be a Watt or two out from Abdullahs more professional analysis.

NOTE:  Week 4 analysis post will be up at the end of the week (6th March)


Time for some data.  Here are my results straight from my Excel sheet.

For those of you who don't know about power profiles - wow!  I'm a powerhouse!
For those of you who do know about power profiles - yep, I'm mortal.

The bits to highlight are the bold figures at the bottom of the orange shaded columns.  This is the average weekly power output from the two sessions.  For interest, I also picked out my high an low points of each week/night to see the variability.  The pink cells are for the lowest value of each nigh - I though rep 2 would have figured more as my perceived effort in rep 2 was always more laboured.

The good points is that the power increases week on week, increasing from 240.2 W to 258.1 W.  Assuming week one at 240 W is 100%, it's a 7.4% increase by the end of week 4 from 8 interval sessions.  The biggest increase is seen between weeks 2 and 3 (101% - 106%).

In terms of rep progression, a couple of trends can be seen - higher power in rep 1, smoothing out through the following reps.  Only Wk01s02 and Wk04s02 do I calm it and pace more evenly from 1 to 8.

 To de-clutter the image, instead of all 8 sessions, the graph below shows the average power for each rep by week.  The trend of higher power earlier is clear and it's good to see the averages stacking higher by progressive weeks.

The important graph is the weekly progression.  To show the data table in a more intelligible way, plotting the weekly average power by week gives a better indication of trend.  Please note the scale I have used to highlight the range.  In addition to the average power, I have plotted the Watts per Kg power out put with mass adjusted according to week (69.3, 67.5, 67.3, 66.3 Kg respective weeks).

Now the intervals are over, then final study elements are the remaining weekly training (45 min and 3 hours rides) and the final tests - VO2max test, blind TT and biopsy's.

EDIT/Disclaimer - I'll tidy this post as/when I have further opportunities.


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