Back to training.

I'll do a more detailed post for the Test week blog entry I'm working on (in drafts at the moment) and for my return to distance riding once I've got the chance to do the analysis I'd like to do to give it justice.

In short, last week was the testing week culminating with the skin folds, biopsy, depletion tests, blind TT and "that" photo (yeah, I've seen how many page hits its got), so Saturday was the first real day of freedom.  A very mixed day but the aim was to use the PowerTap wheel to re-ride one of my stronger rides from 2015.

In brief:
  • Really not advisable to do it the day after a depletion test and biopsy
  • I felt as if I could go harder/stronger had I been better prepared so personal miffed at my performance being below what I think I can do.  But I am encouraged that I did what I did with the little prep time I had.
  • My form this weekend isn't too short of my peak period (mid July-early August) last year.  If that's around 180 days ahead of 2015, that's good!
  • My nutrition is going to take some focus as it clearly wasn't right this time, but future rides won't have the same 48 hour period of starvation and testing.
For the stats:
Distance: 183 km (112 miles)
Average speed: 183 Watts
Average power: 28.5km/h
Total time: 6 hrs 57 mins
Ride time: 6hrs 25 mins

I'll need to do a more comparative analysis at some point (difference in average speeds, conditions etc) to the previous ride, but it's good to be back on those country lanes.


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