Back to my (great great great great grand) motherland

Work?  Pfft, I'm going to have to work this week but I am in Greece.   If you haven't worked it out, Stavrinides has a Greek origin.
Numerous times a year I'll get asked if I'm Greek and I always quib that I'm Mancunian.   I self identify as Mancunian as this was my closest city growing up.

As genealogy goes, my lineage has a limit - as the Stavrinides name comes from a modest background, official records more than 100 years ago are somewhat scarce in recording peasant farmers and such.   Stavrinides is a village in Cyprus and there are numerous (possibly) related Stavrinides's on the internet.   Greece and Turkey have a family connection in terms of names and the curiosity of "who were they?" but also in my blood - literally!  My DNA is Mediterranean (now heavily mixed with northern European and a number of other sources) and some of my characteristics are dominated by Mediterranean genes.

I have numerous Greek and Greece related anecdotes and the assumptions people make of me because of my name, but that's for another day.  


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