Now for the sticky, tricky subject of food......

This could be a very detailed blog post however it would be neither constructive or read, so I'll go for the edited highlights.

I'm currently donating my body for a study looking at the affects of carbohydrate on sporting performance.  The VO2max testing, blind TT's and imminent testing is all related to this study along with previous food logging.  As part of this process, my usual fairly metronomic diet is put on hold and I'm in the hands of Abdullah.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Usually there is a lot of piss-taking regarding my diet - I like the same bedrock diet 5 days a week and change the volume according to need.  My diet is the food I eat, not a "diet" for weight loss so often contrasts with those on "diets" when discussing it in the office or in social context.  If you're reading this on a week day when I'm not part of the project, you'll have a safe bet I'm eating Bulgar wheat, salad, mixed nuts, olives, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and maybe a meat at dinner time and either Wheatabix and a cereal or porridge for breakfast.  It's not quite "Nice peas Norma" but it's a good way of making sure I get enough of what I need every day, balance my calories and eat healthy.  The shopping list is repetitive and low cost but at least I don't have the fridge shouting at me when I can't work out what to take to work.

Guess it's a work day then!

And now for something different

For Abdullah I'm following the food he is providing.  It feels slightly strange going to work with a pack lunch in the same way I went on school field trips as a kid, but it's not bad.  So far I'm only a morning in so hardly any time to evaluate it, but it's certainly different to my 1 cup Bulgar, salad and Mediterranean mix.

What day is it??

It's nice to have the change and I'm fascinated in how it'll affect me in a number of ways.  There's every blog, news and forum post under the sun about GI diets, cyclist diets etc but for me my metonomic food choice has worked well for me - slow release carbohydrates on the whole stops me getting hungry in the afternoon and gives me energy for the commute how at the end of the day without trying to chew on the handlebar tape.

I'll have 48 hours on this diet before the next round of testing and then I have a social event and a business trip for the following week.  My eating is going to be disrupted, but I'm excited to see what happens in the coming months.


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