Brief update - 22nd Jan 2016

In brief, I'll have a new scar.

In a slightly expanded sequence of events, my week/the last 10 days has focused on working with the Loughborough University Sport & Exercise Nutrition Research Group:

  • Blind TT'd at the end of last week.
  • Picked up my food parcels from Abdullah Tuesday.
  • Wednesday and Thursday, stuck to the study program diet.
  • End of Thursday, no food after 9pm, abstained from EtOH and coffee (no!!!)
  • Early Friday morning, drive down to Loughborough Uni without breakfast,
  • Biopsy in my left thigh and cannula inserted into my right arm
  • 1 hour depletion spin on the static bike at 60% VO2max (153 Watts), repeated exhaled air capture and blood samples every 20 minutes.
  • Second biopsy 
  • Blind TT - >80% VO2max with a 306 kJ target with time being the important metric.
  • Head over to work - car problems permitting.
Currently eating back my missed breakfast with my left thigh wrapped in cling film and feel as if I have a dead leg.

I have a lot of information I'd like to write about this, but the next 10 days are going to be mental - time with the family, supporting Mrs Stav with the PTA, business trip abroad and very limited time - so I'll look at doing a detailed update some time in the future.


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