Brief update - 16th Jan 2016

VO2 max testing

Last night calanders and work commitments aligned and I was VO2 max tested for the first part of a trial with Abdullah of Loughborough University. For feels, that felt good!   My numbers will do the talking but after training this last week, I feel as if things are starting to hook up.  I'm certain that by the evening of the 15th Jan 2016, I'm in better form than the 15th Jan 2015.  My powers going up and I felt I pushed through a lot better in this test than before Christmas - can't wait for the results! 

Star gazing

And as it was cold and still night, I took the longer way home under the stars.  Orion was extremely bright as I rode home while the temperature plummeted.  If you get the chance, jump on a bike, wrap up warm and get away from the light pollution.


As a side note, this last week I've also had to take the car to work, twice.  My god that's a crap way of commuting.  40-50 minutes out on your bike or 40-50 minutes with crappy road junctions, tail lights and getting stuck in traffic??  How do people do that sitting in metal boxes thing twice a day every day??  It's horrible!

Ride on. 


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