Soul biking on fat wheels.

Summers coming, the nights are lighter and the weathers warmer.  As a switch of wheels, I took the battered MTB out for a bit of fun through the forests, fields, river banks and by the railway tracks.  My MTB maybe a Frankenbike, miss-matched, creak, skip gears and grown, but it was cool to be just kicking around, thrashing up a climb or two and testing my bike handling skills.  I won't be rivaling local MTB'ers any time soon - Aled.  As the sun set on a nice evening, it was fantastic to be cycling but not in my usual style.  I could feel different muscles get a work, chat to a couple of locals in the middle of a meadow, watch the sun set and shadows grow longer and find out about a few more local green lanes that I normally shoot past the end of.  Really fun blast out.  Everyone should do it.


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