An abusive relationship.

Brief comment as I start the process of eating up for this Friday nights ride and with 50 days and 18 hours to the start line.

For the past few days I've had the fun of being on "The Blue Bike."  My god it's been fun!  The 'ol blue handles very differently and the only way to describe it is like playing around with a very mechanical classic sports car with skitty twitchiness on wet corners, good fast pace in a straight line and a firm ride.  But the bike is 30 years old and I want it last so usually saved for training.  So for the daily it's the Genesis Day 01 Alfine from Genesis Bikes.

The abuse

The abuse is more that this bike takes the brunt of the UK climate and the daily duties.  Nearing 10,000 miles, last week the front wheel had a rebuild hence the Blue Commutes.  This morning, (with thanks to Ed at the Cycle Garage's wheel building skills), I was back on the Genesis and adding to the abuse this bike has taken.  As a bike it's brilliant at what I use it for - around 4,000 km per year in all weathers, temperatures, locations, luggage options, day or night.  Recently I put a question out on Reddit so see what the opinion was on how long a bike should last - this one I think hasn't approached middle age yet.

The ride isn't as aggressive as the Blue or anywhere near as quick as the Concorde but as heavy rain is forecast for the ride home, I'm glad to be back on a bike with full guards, dynamo lights and disc brakes and the Alfine hub also cuts out the gritty abuse cassettes and rear mechs get.  Climbing is slower but ride comfort is good.  If the challenge was "Edinburgh to London in a weekend" I'd probably cruise it on the Genesis with a Carradice.


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