Brief update: 22/5 - Night ride into London and a lot learnt

I'm alive and awake!  Friday night was a tough night.  I'll put up a full run down in the next couple of days, but my night was something like the:
  • Good start and first 60 miles or so, see people drinking on a Friday night out in Lincoln.
  • Head out on some good roads, test bits of the route and enjoy the lack of traffic.
  • Turn south - hit by 9 hours of 5-15mph headwinds and around 6 hours of rain
  • Ged joined me for the last limp into London after burning way too many calories fighting the wind.
A Ged.  Lead out my to knacked legs on the Mall.
What I've learnt.
  • Core temperature is the hardest thing to control on these rides.
  • Hydration when all shops are closed at 3.30am turns you into the garden tap tinkerer.
  • Changing the route from LEL to a faster route taking the dark and A-roads into account makes a lot more sense
  • A414/M11 roundabout = death.
  • London Cycle Superhighway is great, but a lot of lights.
Other bits I'll try to write up:
  • Met some interesting people at 24 hour garages and LBS's.
  • Sleep wasn't too much of an issue, least not as much as I thought it would be.
  • London drivers are crap.
Quick Strava shot.


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