Brief update: 9th May

As a quick overview of the last few days/week.

In brief:
  • Fat tyres.
  • Running?!?!?
  • Ride Veto - missing the Fred
  • 60 Days.

Fat tyres.

Yep, MTB fun last week.  I blogged about this last week so enough said, part from it was fun!  It also made me realise who neglected my MTB has been with a chain too short and lots of mechanical niggles.  Never mind, it's not a real priority so I'll do a few bit on it, and mainly chase kids and a bit of cross training.


Yep, I went for a run!  This weekend we had my brother (Chris) and his partner (Em) stay, so we took the opportunity on the Saturday morning to go and join the local Park Run.  I'm not a frequent runner but this would a blast.  At the start line I bumped into Jo, Emily and a number of other ThermoFisher staff so we all roughly ran as a group.  Jo is a far more experienced runner and set a very good, even pace for the 5 km, hitting 27 minutes with Mrs Stav and Em only 2 minutes behind.  My legs gave me a rude slap for running, but what a fantastic way to start the weekend.  Unfortunately, I lost my bar-code somewhere so I'm unaccredited, but here's a quick data shot:

Ride Veto - missing the Fred.

Over the last few years, the Fred Whitton Challenge has figured big in my riding.  It's the/one of the toughest rides in the UK depending on who's billing it.  It tackles 1 in 3 grades, 112 miles in length and can be punishing.  I did it in 2014 sub 8 hours and then in 2015 I was on track to go faster before being ill around the 60 mile mark.  For 2016..............I was banned.

Mrs Stav played the veto card this year as Mrs Stav headed the School PTA and Sunday was the summer fair.  Weather conditions was fantastic for all events this weekend but as we agreed that this was her weekend, well done to all those who rode the Fred and spent money at the fair.

60 Days.


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