"Your cone is too tight."

To sound like a line from Absolutely Fabulous:  "Your cone is too tight."

Previously, after riding many gazillion miles on the Genesis, the rear wheels bearing started to loosen.  Simple, to tighten it, you tweak the cone to take up the slack on the ball bearing.  Yeah, but too tight and you squeeze the balls too much and they don't like it.  No one likes to have their balls squeezed.  As a result, what feels like a hub gear getting worn is actually something that's simple to fix; let your balls relax.  And so they did.

I roll better!  But not till after 120 miles last weekend, 100 miles of commuting since then and meeting the Man with the Hammer (that Fucker) at Bunny.  Good thing or bad thing?   Less resistance is better, but maybe the higher resistance was good for making me work (and giving my brother a chance too - he'd closed the gap on me this time).

Lesson learned;  Keep your balls loose, but not too loose.  I should be able to blog, other do, but they have stuff to talk about other than their balls and cones.


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