The guinea pig

After being the scientist, I am now the subject.  Or more exact- a lab rat.

As what I want to do will generate a whole load of data, I may as well help play with it.  I may as well off my body to scientists so I’m eating a box of nearly 2,000 calories and logging all of it.  The testing that I’ll be doing is designed by L’boro Uni and involves different phases - background data and food study, a VO2 max test, a training program and then a repeat test all the while eating what I’m told in food boxes.    

In a way, this is going to be tough, but at the same time, I’m excited about seeing what my performance is.  This is now the “off season” so I should be taking it easy and consolidating, but after flicking through Pain Cave images last night, I’m kind of looking forwards to the intervals, HIIT’s, loud music and flashing screens (tech glitches allowing).

As the road season is closing, riding in the dark recently has been invigorating.  It’s me in the dark against the road and trying to push for a pace.  Come on winter, I’m ready to fight.


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