The start of "Project EdsLon"

Blog post 001.  In the beginning..............loads of people abused a cliche so I'll just start blogging this stuff instead and someone might read it.

Target:  To ride Edinburgh to London in a single go.  Around 420 mile in distance, 470 miles if you take an Alex route.  500 miles if you want to make it a round number and ride on to the coast.  I think it'll take around 20-26 hours depending on bike choice, fitness and if my bum can take it.

Motivation:  Steve Abrahams is doing the One Year Time Trial.  So far his longest single Stava file is around 450 miles.  I can't beat his annual target, but his longest ride may be approachable, therefore, can I match/beat his longest ride of 2015?  To date, my longest ride is 203 miles.  If I can ride Eds-London, can I beat his distance.  And dare I think about LEL in 2017?

Action plan:  Get my legs to push pedals for a long to go a long way.

Challenges coming up:

1)  working out if I can ride when trying to fall asleep, but not fall asleep.
2)  Trying to find the time to fit in training around work and family.   
3)  Making a bike suitable, comfortable enough and functional enough to ride the for long time periods of time through all weathers, day or night whilst being light enough not to waste energy.
4)  Build from riding in the 100-120 mile zone to 200 mile plus in a constructive way.
5)  Eat food and be able to eat food while riding and after riding to not to meet the man with the hammer.
6)  work out how all the sponsorship stuff is supposed to work.
7)  Kick The Man With The Hammer right in the nuts.

Now to get started.

Eat some food, go for a ride.  The only way to get to London is to turn some pedals.


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