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Bike Review: Enigma Evoke with Campag Chorus EPS H11

I'm going to preface this with 2 major points.
1.   This is my bike.     2.   All bike reviews are bullshit (this one included).   Buying or evaluating a bike by review is shit and you should only judge a bike in how it moves you.   
So my review is more tailored to me riding my bike.  If you're looking at this bike as a review to compare to a crit bike, TT bike, latest carbon creation or want to have a bike that looks good and matches whatever the pro's are riding this year/season/month/race/day.............then this review ain't for you.  There are plenty of other reviews out there for those who "want to look pro" and plenty of bike brands who'll take your credit card numbers.   If you want a long-lasting ultra-endurance style bike and want an honest review of what I've found out, read on.
Now I read DC Rainmaker's blog and this is where he normally declares; "the item tested is/was a media loaner unit, the review is not sponsored by the item ma…

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