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Pixelated Pro Pelotons and CONVID-19

Ned Boulting wrote a fantastic piece about the 2020 pro-racing scene without the racing.  As this is a science and cycling blog, the appearance of nCOVID-19 and the abandonment of the pro calendar and my own racing and riding is taking a shock no-one could have expected in late 2019.   As the global coronavirus outbreak makes waves around the globe, Ned touches on a number of important pertinent points where the future as expected isn't going to go the way we expected.   The Asian ^& Pacific races, Classics, Giro, TdF, Olympics, Vuelta, Worlds and end of year classics predicted for 2020 at the end of 2019 won't play out the way they were planned.   Globally nCOVID-19 has the potential to kill in the millions with a 3.4% mortality rate, giving the real possibility that someone within my 6 Degrees of Separation will die.   This can be immediate family through to a business contact or someone within my social or professional links.   Over the past few weeks I've been pay…

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