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Indurains' 1994 Pinarello


Instructions; HERE is the link.   Use the Buy It Now option then tweet me and I'll send you my shipping address.   My ethical and moral standards are high, except for this cash, I'll trash it all.

Back in the 1990's as a teenager, this is THE bike I idolised, ridden by who I think is one of the greatest sporting legends of all time and perhaps the greatest sporting idol of all time.   My white Dawes I was riding back then, I want'ed to scratch off the white paint to make my bike look a little bit closer to this bike.

The history and significance of this bike to me is immense.

First, the r/BikePorn images

From the eBay listing:

A legend of cicling History! ( published in the major European bike magazine ROADBIKE for the March issue. (please regard the press-cu red article)

Miguel Indurain´s famous Pinarello Banesto Tour de France bike 1994 The last steel frame winner bike of the Tour (Thereafter Alloy and Carbon took over)
Made for Big Mig by the legendary …

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