Today was yet another day of crappy weather, head down into the wind, brace for the cross winds and wrap up to keep out the cold.  Storm Ciara is kicking through.   Legs turn, speeds are slow, grit gets into the chain and behind the neck buff and the the brim of the winter cap, a wry grimace of "that's another payment made into the the Grit Bank saving account."

Grit is something you build and work on and can only be forged by perseverance and drive to keep going.   It's built by continual testing, exploring, pushing and going that bit further, hard or deeper into your reserves.  It's the kind of fortitude that comes going out of the comfort zone enough times that the adversity becomes something you look forwards to. 

Over the years I've enjoyed long distance hikes; night runs; riding through the dark, storms, rain and sub-zero temperatures; I've kayaked flooded rivers, slept in shitty conditions and ventured on.   My body has picked up injuries from the exploits, breaking bones, getting scares and burning memories of the experiences.   All those actions adding a few more grains into the Grit Bank.

This morning was another perfect morning of crappy weather.  This morning was the perfect morning for adding to the Grit Bank credit account.


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