8848 - Everesting

I did this.

The rules and process is simple:
  • 1 Strava segment on one climb.
  • 1 ride, unbroken
  • No sleep
  • No time limit
  • Repeat the climb until you've done more than 8848m in elevation

For me, this was 39.6 repetitions of the Arran String Road.   My mindset was "40 to score, 41 to be sure."   At around rep 27 I started to believe I could do it.   By rep 33, I was sure I could do it (even with the Mexican stand-off with a doe in the dark).

And the Strava link.

Feeling EPIC!!

MASSIVELY chuffed to be inducted to the Hells 500 Hall of Fame on an amazing ride.   Full report to follow, but love the insanity of doing this!


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