Riding in - first training rides, low temperatures and re-tuned bike

In brief, this week I've been riding a re-tuned bike, now running both new wheels and 28mm Conti GT-GP's and went for first mid-distance (137km) ride at low temperatures (sub-zero hero's).

Pictured above is the work day ride; training I switch out the rack and Carradice for the Apidura and off I go.

Ride wise, super-smooth, Di2 is a lot easier than Versa when the fingers are freezing and the dynamo is working sweetly.  A lot of the minor corrections (thread taps, mudgaurd spacing etc) is now done and the Brooks is due for a tension and waxing when I'm off over Christmas.  Commutes are easier (but damn cold!) and the bikes running fine.  I'll do a more in-depth update later.

This morning though:


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