Liverpool will always be my second home.    Never sure where my first is, but Liverpool will always be my second. 

This week I stayed in Liverpool for the first time in five years.    When I left the bay to move to the Midlands, it was a weird experience - it felt like leaving a party when you know its in full swing. 

Liverpool had the 2008 Capital of Culture, I owned a house across the water in Birkenhead, there were Giants, La Princess, music festivals, visiting ocean liners, public art displays, ferries, the Beatles, museums new and old, docks, libraries, cathedrals with towers reaching to the skies and like wigwams; tunnels, local photographers, new hip and up coming areas and areas of poverty still destroyed 30 years post Thatcher; red brick universities and polytechnics; dozens of languages, dialects and accents; bars galore, cheap Kurdish restaurants next to sex shops and one massive sense of community.    In other cities I visited, lived or worked have never had the same impact on me.



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