10,000 miles!

2016 isn't finished just yet, but one of my objectives has just been ticked off!   As autumn indicated I had a chance of hitting 10,000 miles (16,093.44 km) in one year, I took a few detours and longer routes home to bump up my miles per week, and I don't quite believe it, but Thursday morning I smashed through the 10,000 mile marker.  

Feels a bit like this:

or this:

But the reality is that the mile was somewhere criss-crossing Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire on my daily commutes.   No camera, fan fare or podium girls, just a smile, and a "oh yeah!" while riding.   

What the number look like is this:

In more understandable terms;

  • 16,144 km is 10,031 miles or all the way to the tip of South Africa via Turkey..
  • 636 hours is 26.5 days (nearly 4 weeks solid).
  • 420,881 calories is equal to 1,553 slices of pizza or 498 Big Mac meals or around 4,000 bananas.
  • Eddington means I have done 47 rides which have been at least 47 miles, 115 rides which have been at least 115 minutes.
  • The rest are self explanatory.
In relationship to others who use Strava/Veloviewer etc.......

I'm towards the thin edge of the wedge at the 98.7% mark, but not that stupid.


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