Winter's cold.

Bit of a random, quick blog past.

Winter is cold.  Minus 8.5C on the way to work yesterday morning and still not feeling fit.   My lungs creek with infection, burn when a breath deeply in the coldest weather and I'm still coughing up psychedelic coloured phlegm.  My nose runs, fingers still lack feeling in half my fingers and the lung infection is putting pressure on lymph nodes in my right ear area so everything sounds muffled.  I'm improving in health (slowly), road closures have pushed up my daily distance and I've cancelled a load of "hope to do" rides due to lack of form and time.  Happy days!!!  As I appear to be recovering I have some positivity - last Friday I think was the low point and I'm glad I didn't do much over the weekend.

As of dinner time today, YTD is 15,396 km out of 16,093 km target - 95.6% done!

Tonight should be another session on Zwift and Sufferfests in the Pain Cave to see if I can burn out some of the infections and give my legs a stretch.  Mrs Stav has saved some of the washing for the tumble drier to give me some heat in the garage while I train, but I'm looking forwards to the noise and intervals.

Play list: Hendrix? Beastie Boys?  Chems? Clash?  Prodigy? Random current crap? Or just Sufferfest soundtracks??   What ever it is, I'll see if the headphones can fight the pressure in my left eardrum.

EDIT/UPDATE:   As it's Thursday, last night was good(ish).  Spinning on Zwift is good - having the avatar respond to what I do is always brilliant and helps visualise what my body is doing and using the mobile app and Zwift data fields make targeting far easier.   Along side Zwift, I used Sufferfest to give a structure - last nights choices being Downward Spiral and Fight Club.   Where Zwift is good feedback and data, Sufferfest has the advantage of music, race footage and instructions based on a 1 - 10 RPE scale.  Using a rough RPE 7 = 180W kind of idea, I can use both programs to construct a good session.

Hitting Downward Spiral last night worked well.   After an hour, power was fading but I started fight Club.  By 90 minutes I was toast, but had the buzz of music, a spin and a bit of Zwift.


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