Last markings and 3hr oxidation test with Loughborough

Last night was the final testing of the project with a 3hr oxidation test and skin fold analysis to see how far I have come.  The theory behind this is that over the months, not only will I have physically changed, but I will have also metabolically changed - my efficiency in theory should have improved to allow me to ride further on the same number of calories.

To do this, we repeated the very simple test of months ago - set diet, pre-test readings, sit on a static bike set to 170W resistance and then ride for three hours with just water.  Every 20 mins, another gas bag, glucose and lactate blood test, heart rate reading and an RPE.

A three hour test is not really many peoples idea of fun, so thank you to Lynsey and Emma who joined us for the duration.  Data wise, the interesting bits will come out in the analysis in a couple of days, but for heart rate, it's very similar to last time -

A few fluctuations, but fairly consistent throughout.

For the feels side of things, pretty similar to last time - felt good until around 2hrs 10-15mins when first hunger started to strike.  Around 2hr's 30mins, then the hunger felt more and feeling of depletion in last 15-20 minutes.  By 3 hours, I was happy to stop!

Many thanks to Lynsey and Emma for the testing, discussions, having the Olympics on a tablet and the support.  Look forwards to seeing the results!


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