[Im]mature cheese

Being ill sucks.  It sucks big time.  It's even worse when it's a virus with a slow onset that eventually kicks you.  It double sucks when the virus kicks off a chest infection with then rupture the capillaries in your lungs - cough, splutter, blood.

After seeing my data show that something was about to hit, illness (thanks kids) struck hard and unclipped me for a few das.  My body has the habit of crashing bad, with fevers, aches, pains and general malaise.  No difference this time.  So a couple of days rest and moping about the house, watching TV on the sofa and trying to work out when to go back to work ensued.

After a couple of days and accusations of "man-flu" and needing to Rule 5, I got back onto the saddle but with still lacking power.  Every time I upped the effort, the body wasn't interested and cough fits kicked in, so I did something which I don't often do - I went slow.

For a couple of nights, it was "fuck it!  Meah, if I'm late home, I'm late home.  If I go for an effort, it'll only make it worse" and I could do something I rather enjoyed - slow down, explore a little, enjoy being a cyclist in the dark with out the usual thoughts of "can I make my thighs go harder?"  Instead of the usual aim down the road, be aware of cars coming from behind and lets see if I can keep the power out put higher, I could relax, and it was brilliant!

Why [Im]mature cheese?

Last few weeks Mrs Stav has been very busy and stressed.  While I was ill, I was getting wrestles so I graffiti the cheese and put it back into fridge without a word.  Days later and Mrs Stav is having a hell of a day when she finds the cheese and instantly her view point changes with a chuckle.  Something sensible, regular and used weekly gets a different view point.  A bit like cycling when you know you can slow down and enjoy the ride.


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