We need to take action.

Climate change is the greatest threat to the existence of humans.   Depressingly, the messages and work I was conducting 12 years ago and more has only got more imperative, and the the results are only becoming frustratingly ignored by so many looking at the problem as "but others need to....."    Pure bullshit.   The importance of the western world cutting everyone's carbon footprint (at the macro level of what people purchase through to the global level of cutting drilling and extraction from fossil fuel companies) is imperative.    The discussions of "2 years until...." should be scrapped and rephrased as "we are X years already past........." because the time isn't now, but then.

As a society we have to question our habits, consumerist cultures and lifestyles.  Life cannot go on as usual.

By tCO2 per person per year, we need to be heading to less than 1 tCO2.

Credit to @TheRacingCollective

In this, I have been trying to remove my carbon footprint where I can and nudge our lifestyle down towards the 1t CO2 per person per year.   I am vastly aware that parts of my life are carbon intensive and some areas which are very low carbon.   


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