The Flock - Go The Distance vEveresting charity challenge [1st May]

In just over a weeks time, myself, Helen Carmichael, David King, Nicola Blight, Heather Thompson and Ged Nickson for team "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" are #GoingTheDistance on #TheFlock vEversting challenge! Our team brought together through #TheFlock business networking and connections, gelled, sweated, joked and shared experiences together through WhatsApp, Discord and Zwift and now fighting fit for the v8848!

We are doing all this while raising money for Duchenne UK for research and support into the muscle wasting disease.

We've a simple task:
* All of us on turbo trainers using Zwift
* 8848 meters of climbing to be done
* A lot of sweat!
* Raise money for Duchenne UK!

So far we've done 11 weeks of training with Andrew White and now 7 days till we put it into anger. Bananas, energy jells and saddle cream at the ready!

Thank you to David Taylor for getting us involved in this brilliant endurance challenge through the #Flock which is a peer-to-peer network of like-minded business people and thank you to Danny Pecorelli from #ExclusiveCollection for organization.

To show your support, we've the team page ready loaded for your donations!


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