All Nighter (aka "AFN")

Pssttt...... if this goes live to schedule, then I'll be spinning as a test to a self set challenge when this post goes live.  

A bit of backstory and "AFD" on the shift rotor.

I used to work in hospitality when I was a student.  Like loads before me, I was a barman.   Part of that was scrounging every penny possible to bulk out my tins of beans and beer existence while studying, so I would go to the bar and look at what shifts I could get.   Down the back near the kitchens pinned to the wall would be the shifts.   There were the normal 11am - 4pm shifts,  evening shifts of 7pm - 12am or 5 till 12 and sometimes when the money kicked in and your employer had to feed you for double bonus you'd do an hour before open till an hour after last orders a.k.a the AFD.   All.  Fucking. Day.

In that theme, I'm going for the AFN.  I'm testing out a number of tactics and options, tools and equipment so pulling an all-nighter.  He's a short video explainer.


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