Turbo timelapse, what a 6am workout looks like

As I was having a play around with video formats for other uses, I thought I'd give this as an insight to what a 6am workout on Zwift looks like.   90mins condensed down to 12.

Time lapse of a 6am Zwift turbo interval session;  Windows 10 always has to do a damn update when you want to use it, then warm up, 3 short 400 to 500 watt sprints, 5x 5min at 230+watts with 140w recovery between efforts, 10 min cooling and then spin on with free ride to 50km for part of the #MoveItForMND sweat pledge.   Family visits over breakfast as it hits towards 8am.

Tunes for the morning:  Nirvana Incesticide and Never Mind, Clash Train in Vain and a bit of Foo's to finish.


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