It's been a while coming.   It took a little longer with being off the road earlier this year but this morning............................Genesis hit 50,000km logged on Strava!

The bike has gone further than 50k km as not all km's have been recorded, but arriving at work this morning, I was 600m passed the 50,000km mark.   Not bad for a Bike2Work scheme bike!

The bike (admittedly) has had a lot of upgrades and evolution to it as my distance has increased.  Wear and tear has taken it's toll (plus the crash), but the frame is still strong, true, and ready for the next 50k km.

So far the bike has done commuting duties, tours, aduax rides, training rides, been ridden through floods and the night, highs of +34C and lows of -12C.   It does around 50km every work day and 100-140km once a week in winter training rides.   The max distance I've done on it was the Lincs Poacher audax at 400km.  It's a heavy weight, reliable, robust, runs well and low maintenance - all the attributes needed for a high miler.   IHG's and weight does up the loading, but winter training, who wants to spoil their lightweight??   

Spec wise, it's 520 steel, Alfine Di2 11sp which I've built/configured for me, and I've gone for dynamo lighting.   

What next for the bike?  Well, 80,000km isn't tooooo far away.   I'd like to switch out the brakes to hydro/Di2 calipers and levers more for feel and control than anything else and I'd like to do a 600km on it.  Could I get the Geni to 100,000km?  Maybe.  


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