The end of a Greek week.

So the works annual conference completed.  A lot learned, a lot done, experiences had and now time to get back to the day job.

Highlights have been seeing the sights, Greek coffee, running in Athens and seeing the Olympic stadium, having a Greek waiter telling me how to pronounce my name, catching up with remote workers and suppliers and everything in between.

Athens is a strange place - home of so much social, scientific, political and philosophical development over the centuries, yet the 2008 economic crisis still hangs heavy on the city.   Historic sites of global importance butt up to areas of great social-economic deprivation.  Athens is well worth visiting, but in a very different way.   I'd like to experience it again, but there are other places I'd pick first.

As a set up to 2017, it's been a welcome change and chance to set the scene.   Now to see if I'm riding LEL.........


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